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Become An Anti-Bullying Advocate

Rock Out Against Bullying & Lighting Up The World is a live music event with purpose. Today’s biggest entertainers are connected to hundreds of thousands of fans and activists. Via a live stream they are able to raise awareness and funds in the intervention & fight against bullying.

The three day event will feature music performances by A-list artists from varying genres, programmed alongside special segments that honor those who stand up against bullying.

We are living in an unprecedented time. The digital era has introduced a range of significant challenges and opportunities for our culture – amplifying both the brightest and darkest aspects of human nature.

As a consequence; whether it’s online or in the classroom, youth violence and bullying has reached a fever pitch. We’ve had enough! It’s time to fight back.

Net proceeds from the events will benefit National Bullying Prevention programs via the National Football League Alumni (NFLA) Caring For Kids.

NFLA, a New Jersey based organization, was established to drive awareness and funds towards today’s most important causes and the non-profits that support them. 

Why We Do

Rock Out Against Bullying

Why We Do What We Do


The common denominator of all types of bullying is the absence or erosion of sympathy. Therefore, nurturing empathy is at the heart if interventions to reduce bullying.

The ‘Culture of Bullying’ grows in environments that lack dialogue and compromise. So, it’s critical that we engage in an open discussion of the problem in order to shine light on it.

Phase 1 – Pre-Event

In the weeks prior to the live broadcast, we target our core audience and raise their awareness of both the upcoming event and our cause.

Inspiring them to take part in bullying intervention efforts and share our content along their social channels.

Phase 2 – Live Event


  • A unique and engaging live event designed with interactive elements to drive push/pull conversation.
  • Celebrity host with artist and online audience interaction.
  • Live two-way communication tools included in the user experience.
  • Best-in-class audio/video production.
  • Segments to air between artist performances designed to engage with the online audience.
  • Fundraising (onsite and online).
  • Contest elements accompanying each online audience engagement, creating a reason to interact and stay engaged

Phase 3 – Post Event

  • Exclusive recap video (0:30- 2:00) to be shared with sponsor, for use across social platforms, website, etc.
  • VOD of individual performances
  • Photo slide show highlights
  • Social media follow up & Post show analytics


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